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Whether you’re a first-time cook or looking for a creative new side dish, Virginie Degryse, an author who self-published a holiday cookbook through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service, has answers to some of the most common questions about preparing holiday meals.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving Day. Your loved ones are hungry, the kitchen is heating up, and the pressure is on. Are you prepared?

Many of us play into the dramatics of cooking the “perfect” holiday meal, when in reality, things don’t need to be nearly that difficult. “Good food doesn't have to be hard,” said Virginie Degryse, author of “Crave and Cook,” a holiday cookbook published through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)—Amazon’s self-publishing service that helps independent writers publish ebooks and paperbacks.

Degryse started sharing recipes on her blog to help her friends find more joy in cooking with simple tips and recipes. “I wanted to show people that simple food can be delicious and can be done in very little time,” she said. After her blog began to take off, she decided to self-publish her KDP cookbook to help more people prepare simple, tasty recipes over the holidays.